New TVs at Buckingham Palace

Apparently the Queen has ordered 100 new LCD and Plasma Televisions for Buckingham Palace from Samsung.  The details of the specific sets ordered have not been made available but Samsung have commented that if they stay in use for 5 years, they would get the right to use the Royal Warrant on their products.  According to reports, this is the first time the Royal Family have paid for televisions, with previous sets being donated.

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Several members of the Royal Family live at Buckingham Palace.  It is the principal London home of the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the Duke of York, the Princess Royal and the Earl and Countess of Wessex.  The Queen has a suite of private apartments on the north side of the Palace, whilst her children have apartments on the East Front.  You can visit the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh's Private Apartments as part of the Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour.

Posted on Friday 15 December, 2006
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