Birds change call in Buckingham Palace Garden

Great Tits, a kind of bird resident in Buckingham Palace Garden have been found to make a distinctly different call in this urban environment than in more rural settings.  Buckingham Palace is set in the bustling heart of Central London and noise levels in the garden from the surrounding traffic mean that in order to be heard, the Great Tits have had to adapt their calls.

For more information on this story, see  Palace great tits learn to sing louder to cope with the noise of city life.

The Buckingham Palace Garden is the largest private garden in London with a size of around 40 acres, including a 4 acre lake.  It is home to a variety of bird and aquatic life, and connected with the surrounding great parks of London, provides a safe haven for animal life in one of the world's busiest cities.  For more information on the Palace Garden, including photos, you can purchase the Buckingham Palace Virtual Tour.

Posted on Tuesday 5 December, 2006
Filed under: Buckingham Palace
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