Queen gets money to fix crumbling palaces

Last year Buckingham Palace announced that it was struggling to find enough money to fund critical maintenance. See Buckingham Palace crumbling for details.

It appears the government may be at last providing additional help in the form of one million pounds over the next three years. This is clearly ridiculously insufficient in order to stop these buildings from falling apart. £2million is required simply to stop the ceiling of the Victoria and Albert Mausoleum at Windsor from falling in! Let alone the leaking roof in the picture gallery, the east side of the quadrangle falling apart (£3million alone), the roofs at both Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace are also in need of replacement.

This doesn't even consider the need for redecoration of the state apartments which has been postponed indefinitely. The government needs to massively increase the funding for these jobs if it doesn't want to be embarrassed at the 2012 Olympics where no doubt Buckingham Palace will be a key component in showing off London to the world.

The government should already be embarrassed that Lancaster House, managed by the foreign office which was restored to its opulent best in the 1990s is in better condition than the principal palace of the Queen.

For more details see: http://www.gulf-times.com/site/topics/article.asp?cu_no=2&item_no=200350&version=1&template_id=38&parent_id=20.

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Posted on Saturday 8 March, 2008
Filed under: Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle
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